The Coach Approach

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As a seasoned expatriate and Professional Coach I know that establishing a life far from home brings with it a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Arriving in a new country you may find yourself asking:

Expatriation is a process, not an event and as such it takes time to acclimatise and adjust to a new location. Working with a Coach can make a positive difference to all the stages of your relocation or repatriation so that you don’t just survive in your new home, you thrive!

So, whether it’s planning your move before departure, managing your career on arrival, finding your niche, adapting to a new culture, coping with belonging or exploring the many opportunities that expatriate life brings – Coaching gives you objective support and builds confidence to help you manage the emotional and logistical work needed to build a successful and productive life overseas or back home.

For any questions you may have on how we could work together to maximise your expatriate experience please contact me.

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