The Coach Approach

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

 DirectionThe International Coach Federation defines coaching as ‘partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential’.

Coaching means different things to different people, but for me coaching is primarily a collaborative partnership. I work with clients to identify areas for change or improvement and we form an action based plan on how to make those changes – sustainable changes that will make a real difference to the quality of your life.

The initial session with me is free. In this session we will discover if we are comfortable with each other and get a feel for the changes you want to make. Once that is established, we will decide on the frequency of sessions and where they will take place. A typical coaching relationship is between three and six months, but it could be longer depending on the scale of the changes you want to make.

In our first couple of sessions we will do a kind of personal inventory of you and what motivates you. I may ask you to complete a questionnaire or a specific exercise which will help you start your voyage of self discovery. Then we will look at your goals, get creative and brainstorm ideas on the best ways for you to reach those goals. The next step is to think of a strategy for how to attain those goals. We will work on establishing some lasting solutions and maybe even some new habits. We will regularly review your goals and track your progress as you start to make changes.

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As your coach I will be there to support, encourage, stretch and sometimes challenge you. A coach isn’t there to give you advice. I will, however, help you to look at things differently and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back. You will probably learn a lot about yourself during the process and I feel sure that you will see that taking action feels good.

How can Coaching help you?

QuestionPeople usually come to a coach at life’s important moments and relocating overseas is certainly one of those. Here are some of the ways that I work with relocating individuals, employees and families before, during and after their international transitions.

Preparing for expat life

Perhaps you are getting ready to move abroad for the first time or are off on another overseas adventure. Coaching can help you start to make the right connections, establish the right networks and start designing the kind of life and career you want to have before departure, so that you avoid some of the stresses associated with starting from zero in a new country.

On arrival:

As you take the first steps in your new environment coaching can help you make the most of new opportunities. You may want to change the focus of your working life, or perhaps local conditions  mean a career change is necessary. Coaching can help you deal with new experiences and support you as you establish new networks and adapt to a new working culture.

Settling in

If you are taking a career break and have time on your hands, coaching can help you to explore ways of making your new schedule enjoyable and productive, while maintaining those all important links elsewhere.

Every overseas posting brings opportunities as well as challenges and sometimes you may find that you have to reinvent yourself as you adapt to local conditions. Coaching will help you focus and prioritise as you establish your new life .

You may be a seasoned expat like me, but suddenly find that what worked in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another and you are out of your comfort zone. Coaching can give you confidence, direction and focus by showing you how to use your inner resources to live your life to the full.


Repatriation is often the most difficult move that expats face. Planning, preparation and research for eventual repatriation can help you with some of the reverse culture shock associated with re-entry. Coaching can help you leverage all of your valuable overseas experience and develop realistic expectations for a successful readjustment to life back home.

Whatever the stage of your relocation or adaptation, coaching can support you as you create the type of life  and career you want wherever you are. It can help you face the unexpected, maximise new opportunities,overcome the challenges of expatriate life and help you to build a productive and successful life abroad.

What Coaching is not

I feel it’s important to say here that coaching isn’t therapy or counselling. These focus on the past and its relationship to your life now and your ability to function. Coaching is future focussed. As your coach I won’t be giving you advice or directing you. I’ll be helping you find answers. You are the expert on you, after all.

The thing that I love about coaching is that it is a practical action based process which really gets results. I know, because I was coached as part of my professional training.

How do I choose a Coach?

Professional coaches will be proud of their qualifications, so don’t be afraid to ask about them! As anyone can call themselves a coach, I recommend that you look for someone with the combination of qualifications and experience that you feel are right for you.

I offer a free initial session, as do most coaches and this is a good way to get a feel for whether you might work well together. Coaching is a partnership, so you need to feel confident and comfortable with your coach. If you would like to find out if we could work together, please contact me for an initial no obligation session.

How do I find a Coach?

Personal recommendation is one way of finding a coach. If you don’t know anyone who has used a coach, however, the International Coach Federation is a good place to start as their members are bound by a code of ethics and standards.

As an ICF member I adhere to this code.

You can find them at:

For coaches in Switzerland go to

How can we work together?
  • If you live in or around the Geneva area we can get together for face to face coaching sessions.
  • If you live elsewhere we can coach via skype and email.
  • For groups I hold occasional workshops.
  • In company coaching on demand.
How am I qualified to help you?

I obtained the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practise (CPCP) in 2010 and have 30 years’ experience as an expatriate in 8 international postings. I am also a licensed Career Coach using the Firework TM Career Change Programme

I am currently working towards an Associate Accredited Coach (ACC) qualification with the International Coach Federation and am an associate of the coach training company

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