The Coach Approach

Career Coaching


 Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life    Confucius

I offer career coaching using the Firework TM career programme. This programme was developed by two of the UK’s leading coaches and takes a holistic approach to finding career direction. It’s a flexible programme, which combines well with coaching on other issues should they arise.


The Firework TM  programme has 3 phases ExploreDream and Discover. The full programme usually takes twelve sessions to complete. This includes an initial two hour induction session, plus around eleven one hour sessions. It can be completed in less time depending on your availability. There is a shorter version of the programme available (six to eight sessions) if you already have strong  possibilities in mind and want to be clear about which one to choose.

In the first phase, Explore, we lay the foundations for discovering the career that is the best match for you.  A successful career reflects who you truly are, so during this phase we look at your personal and professional strengths, values, motivations, achievements, your purpose and passions, preferred working environment and what you need to be fulfilled in work and in your life.

.In the second Dream phase we get creative and generate all and any possible career options which, combined with the information gathered in the Explore phase, will help you identify the career that is the right match for you.

In the final Discover phase we will work on the top possibility generated in the Dream phase. We swing into action here and take your career vision and create a plan to make it a reality.


Local conditions may mean that you can no longer follow your chosen career path and you want to work, but are not sure which way to go.

It could be that you are thinking of re-establishing yourself after a career break or thinking of making a complete change.

You may be in an established career, but bored and lacking in purpose and direction.

You are considering becoming self employed.

You may be in the first phase of your career and wondering if you have made the right choice, or simply feel that your present career isn’t right for you.

Whether you want a complete career change, renewed career momentum, or to be more effective in your current role, there’s a career coaching approach which can help you.largefirework jpg