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Last month I attended the Expat Expo in Geneva. For those of you unfamiliar with this annual event, the Expat Expo is a fair organised by expats to showcase products, businesses, organisations and services for the English speaking community. It is held in several locations in Switzerland. This year I was an exhibitor for the first time and could only marvel at the fantastic array of goods and services on offer. From the newly formed Swiss Gardening School, to exotic Egyptian cosmetics, to specialty food items for the expat missing a taste of home – the atmosphere was positively buzzing with expat entrepreneurial spirit!


One of the stated aims of the Expat Expo is to help integration and part of any successful integration  is finding your niche in your new host country. As expats, we have a lot of adapting to do and sometimes this means that we have to reinvent ourselves to find fulfillment in our lives. My fellow expat exhibitors seemed to have reinvented themselves very successfully, judging by all the smiles and energy in the room that day.


 Perhaps you, too, have been inspired by what you saw at the Expat Expo? How would you really like to fill your days and make the most of the opportunities an overseas posting brings? Is there a product or service that you could bring to your new community? How could you leverage your skills and experience to reinvent yourself? Is there a new occupation you would like to try, or a business you would like to set up? I do hope you find that special something to make your day and if you are living in or around Geneva, maybe I will see you at next year’s Expo.

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